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I was amazed at Bark Busters! I honestly didn't think our dogs could be trained, but they were actually listening to us! I was happy that we didn't have to use the bribery of treats and we learned a lot. We didn't realize we were giving our dogs mixed messages-no wonder they didn't understand us.
Laura and Tony Kerber, Victoriaq 4th February 2010

Jean was very helpful and gave us great insight into Bernard's behavior. He responds very well to the "Bah" and praise as a reward is much more positive than physical correction or using treats. We like that! Jean is wonderful! She is very patient and calm. We are learning a lot from her and it's been a pleasant experience. It was recommended to us, and we would do the same.
Ann Johnson, Prior Lake 4th February 2010

Dramatically logical approach. It's a sin it took this long to find Bark Busters!
Maggie Bateman and Eric Olofson, Prior Lake 4th February 2010

Hooray! Help at last! Even with one session, I knew it was going to work for us and Dexter!
Shan Weavers, Chanhassen 4th February 2010

This is great!!!!!!
Judith Cyr, Minnetonka 4th February 2010

We learned a tremendous amount today as dog owners, and Chip was definitely improving by the end of the first session. Bark Busters methods are excellent and I would highly recommend to a friend/neighbor.
Will and Katrina Brown, Eden Prairie 4th February 2010

YES! Techniques were safe and easy to understand. The changes in Maya were amazing because of what John taught us.
Carrie K., Long Lake 12th May 2009

Lynne really listened as I explained my goals and limitations, I found the results amazing!
Susan L., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

Briana was very good, I'm so glad we did this. Yes, we would recommend Bark Busters to anyone.
Dave and Fran W., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

All I could say was, "whose dog is this?" Our dog has never been so calm and responsive. Lynne was so natural with our dog and in our home, I would definitely recommend Bark Busters.
Holly W., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

This was the best training program, I didn't realize how much easier it was to handle Sammy. Briana was the best, she took the time to show and explain the method. I know I'm going to enjoy my dog even more after having this training.
Donna M. P., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

Yep! I would recommend Bark Busters. I found the techniques to be realistic - things we could do to fit our busy lifestyle.
Jeff S., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

Angel responded so much better to these techniques. I would recommend Bark Busters, even our boys were able to learn and help.
Lisa L., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

Sandy seemed to adjust right away to the simple techniques. Bark Busters is good at training both the dog and the owner.
Graig and May R., minneapolis 2nd July 2008

You bet I would recommend Bark Busters! This is something that was very easy to follow, use, and utilize over and over again.
Lindey G., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

Lynne wasn't swayed by Bianchi's breed (pit bull), she was positive and helped move us away from food reinforcement to a more natural voice tone. After four trainers Lynne was the only one who had my dog walking by my side and after one session. Bark Busters helped me with on leash walking and meeting other dogs and getting my Staffy/pit bull on her way to a canine good citizen certification.
Lori H, Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

I was pleased with the natural training. We noticed Darla was more attentive to us. Lynne was great about answering any questions we had.
Judi P. and Casey R, Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

We are very excited about the natural training techniques and feel that it is the appropriate training for us and our dog.
Jill M., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

We've learned so much about what a dog needs to be trained and happy.
Brian and Tonia B., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. Lynne is great with children! The training experience was enjoyable and so much better in my home. I would recommend Bark Busters to others. I have given the phone number to my vet!
Susan A., St. Paul 17th December 2007

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