Dog Owners Reviews

This is great!!!!!!
Judith Cyr, Minnetonka 4th February 2010

We learned a tremendous amount today as dog owners, and Chip was definitely improving by the end of the first session. Bark Busters methods are excellent and I would highly recommend to a friend/neighbor.
Will and Katrina Brown, Eden Prairie 4th February 2010

YES! Techniques were safe and easy to understand. The changes in Maya were amazing because of what John taught us.
Carrie K., Long Lake 12th May 2009

Lynne really listened as I explained my goals and limitations, I found the results amazing!
Susan L., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

Briana was very good, I'm so glad we did this. Yes, we would recommend Bark Busters to anyone.
Dave and Fran W., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

All I could say was, "whose dog is this?" Our dog has never been so calm and responsive. Lynne was so natural with our dog and in our home, I would definitely recommend Bark Busters.
Holly W., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

This was the best training program, I didn't realize how much easier it was to handle Sammy. Briana was the best, she took the time to show and explain the method. I know I'm going to enjoy my dog even more after having this training.
Donna M. P., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

Yep! I would recommend Bark Busters. I found the techniques to be realistic - things we could do to fit our busy lifestyle.
Jeff S., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

Angel responded so much better to these techniques. I would recommend Bark Busters, even our boys were able to learn and help.
Lisa L., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

Sandy seemed to adjust right away to the simple techniques. Bark Busters is good at training both the dog and the owner.
Graig and May R., minneapolis 2nd July 2008

You bet I would recommend Bark Busters! This is something that was very easy to follow, use, and utilize over and over again.
Lindey G., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

Lynne wasn't swayed by Bianchi's breed (pit bull), she was positive and helped move us away from food reinforcement to a more natural voice tone. After four trainers Lynne was the only one who had my dog walking by my side and after one session. Bark Busters helped me with on leash walking and meeting other dogs and getting my Staffy/pit bull on her way to a canine good citizen certification.
Lori H, Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

I was pleased with the natural training. We noticed Darla was more attentive to us. Lynne was great about answering any questions we had.
Judi P. and Casey R, Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

We are very excited about the natural training techniques and feel that it is the appropriate training for us and our dog.
Jill M., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

We've learned so much about what a dog needs to be trained and happy.
Brian and Tonia B., Minneapolis 2nd July 2008

The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. Lynne is great with children! The training experience was enjoyable and so much better in my home. I would recommend Bark Busters to others. I have given the phone number to my vet!
Susan A., St. Paul 17th December 2007

I was amazed by the results I observed by the end of the training. I really appreciated the fact that I am able to train the girls without treats and especially without cruel measures. I enjoyed the training, although I felt awkward at first...but SO satisfied with the results! I would recommend Bark Busters to others because I feel that it's better to deal with problems where they occur, rather than in a classroom setting. Thanks!
Kathy A., Spring Lake Park 26th November 2007

We loved Bark Busters! It has made an incredible difference in our dog. He's well behaved and seems to really understand the natural techniques-Thanks a lot!
E.S., Minneapolis 24th November 2007

The training techniques were very easy to learn and follow and we noticed immediate response. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors and found our trainer very friendly and comfortable to work with.
Kathy, Oak Grove 20th November 2007

Cathy was ready to take our 6-year-old springer spaniel to the shelter as he had become more and more aggressive to our 12-year-old dog; when she tried to discipline him he started growling at her. Our vet recommended Bark Busters, and Jennifer agreed it would be money well spent if it could restore peace to the household and she knew people in California who had had great success with Bark Busters. John came over the first time for almost 4 hours. Jennifer even flew in for the weekend from her current job site in California so she too wouldn't miss the first training session. John taught us how to start thinking like a dog and we began to learn how we needed to change so our Springer would realize we were the pack leaders and he did not have to be any longer. Our Springer immediately knew John was in charge the minute he started working with him. John has been very patient teaching us humans what we need to do and we have met with him now 3 more times since our initial visit to fine tune our dogs training. People visiting have noticed a huge improvement with our younger dog and both dogs are much more relaxed and understand there are rules and Mom is the top dog now. We take comfort in knowing we can call John at any time and he will come back as often as we feel we need him to. As John said, the dog knows what to do, he is just testing to see if his parents remember.
Cathy Dunaway and Jennifer Wisnom, Minneapolis 19th September 2007

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