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I am so glad I decided to use Bark Busters! Lynne went out of her way to explain everything and to make sure I understood. She is patient and knowledgeable. I was pleased and amazed at how well the techniques work-Beau immediately stopped barking out the front window when he saw other dogs. I believe your methods would be useful to anyone with a dog.
Susan, St. Paul 15th May 2012

After the first session Mason was already more attentive to our commands. Bark Busters techniques are a humane way to train and worked very well for us. We enjoy our time with Mason even more now.
Tenley M., Shakopee 5th April 2012

Jean gave a very throrough and clear explanation of the Bark Busters techniques. Louis was so proud of himself after training on the very first meeting! He has been a much more relaxed fellow after we started working with Bark Busters. My dogs are much happier and so are we now that we know the proper way to communicate with them.
Bonnie M., St. Louis Park 5th April 2012

Mikey is definately becoming a "happy, well-behaved dog". His behavior is changing from unmanageable to being a real "love". He responded very well to the Bark Buster training techniques and it has been a very rewarding and interesting experience for all of us. Jean was alway available to help us and I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to others.
Louise T., Bloomington 5th April 2012

I couldn't believe the difference in my dogs behavior! The Bark Buster training techniques are very interesting and easy to understand. Jean is so patient and I would recommend her to others.
Cynthia F., Bloomington 5th April 2012

Jean has been a Godsend. I had been at "the end of my leash" and in one session, she has given me hope! By the second session I knew I had found the solution to my dog problems. The natural methods have helped me commumicate better with my dogs and have already given me hope for the future. In 15 minutes a day, my life has gone from chaos to more controlled. I can see no longer being the person with "those dogs" in my future. Thanks, Jean.
Lara K., Shakopee 5th April 2012

Jean did a great job and we are particularly pleased that she included the children in an age appropriate way. We are amazed at how quickly Bo responded and this technique has proven a great fit for us. We have already recommended Bark Busters and are so happy we did this. The experience has been very positive and we were also very pleased with the reasonable pricing.
Catherine P., Eden Prairie 5th April 2012

I couldn't believe how well Kody understood and responded to the "bah" growl technique. It works! We had used the clicker/treat method in the past and it always bothered me that we had to give him a treat to get the desired result. I prefer using praise. Jean is great. She's always ready to come out and help. Even on garbage day! Thank you!
Amy N., Minnetonka 5th April 2012

Even after one session, it was like we had a new dog!
Laura W., Minneapolis 5th April 2012

I would recommend Bark Busters to others because I like the one on one. Lynne is so calm about everything. It's nice to have someone work with myself and my dog without other dogs around. Lynne is great!
Roxanne S., New Brighton 17th December 2011

Lynne was very efficient and effective in coaching with me and my dog. Outcomes have been surprising, rapid and excellent!
Judy Connolly, Falcon Heights 10th December 2011

Steve is an excellent trainer and was very patient and clear with training instructions. Steve is very easy to be around and to work with. I would recommend this program because it is in the home where the dog lives and I felt my dogs got wonderful one-on-one training that a dog "class" doesn't always or usually provide.
Gretchen Eibs, Mahtomedi 11th November 2011

Amazing how quickly both my dogs responded! Makes sense so it is easy to understand. I have numerous clients ask me about training concerns so it is nice to have personal experience with this method so I can refer them.
Jennifer Urban, DVM, Lakeland 11th November 2011

The training techniques were simple to understand. I really liked the fact that it was not a treat based technique. The instructor was very knowledgeable and confident. I have found the training to be very effective.
Deb H., Stillwater 11th November 2011

Great to break it down to the canine behavior and thinking process. Think it is important to react to them like an alpha dog rather than a human's natural response. Your whole training program is with the dog in mind and they respond great to it. Steve Schaffel was very encouraging during the training session. I am very excited and happy to follow through with these training techniques. Thanks for all your help!
Karin Andersen, CVT, Minneapolis 11th November 2011

Absolutely amazing! We saw an immediate change that progressed over the weeks. It was very effective to understand a dogs "psychology" from the beginning so we could put Zoe's behavior in perspective. We particularly welcomed the trainer's demeanor toward Zoe and and that the training was not "treat based". Our dog really needed the help - or better we did. Just learning about pack behavior and the dog's world is so valuable to us. Others should learn these topics. Well done!
Anja White, Oakdale 11th November 2011

So, I already gave a testament to John's skills. However, I have to add some more. Today, one week after John trained me to train, I took my youngest husky out on a walk for animals (Minnesota Walk for Animals 2011 for Animal Humane Society). I am single and have few visitors and one of our problems was leash training and socializing. She did PERFECT. I also learned from John how to keep her feeling safe in a crowd. It was a horrific day, raining hard and cold, and we were both grumpy and tired at the end of five miles, but she did PERFECT. She could not have done it without John training the trainer. All my dogs are like new and love our new life. If you want a quiet, calm and great life with your dog/s that appreciate you ... call John.
Kaye Mowrey, Champlin 30th April 2011

I was at my wits end. I have two siberian huskies, Chaos and Ditto, and they were out of control on walks. I tried gentle leader, got my vet's assistance, everything I could think of. After one meeting with John our lives have turned around. The girls show me much more respect, very well behaved, and in one short day I've gone for three walks with them smiling the whole way as they healed perfectly. Our walks are SO MUCH FUN. John is a magician, honestly, a magician. With a little work on my part and his guidance, it's like aliens stole my dogs and left perfectly behaved look alikes behind. John was kind, listened to my concerns, and guided me in what needed to be done to make our lives work. Thank you, thank you, thank you, John! I will continue working with them - it's worth every second of training!
Kaye M., Champlin 24th April 2011

Bark Busters and Lynne truly saved Cora's life. She was a high energy, fast moving somewhat well behaved puppy but for some reason she had formed a biting reaction when scared. She was great with my husband but had a nasty habit of stealing when it was just her and I alone. She actually bit me twice, I required 5 stitches the second time. She also managed to bite other members of my family on an overnight stay. We were sooo sad thinking we had failed her and would have to put her down...until the vet gave me the Bark Busters info. It was one of the best phone calls I have ever made!!!!! After the first 3 hour session there were amazing results. Cora is now a much calmer, well behaved dog and I now have the tools to reclaim anything without a confrontation!! I cannot thank you enough. :)
Chad & Stacia Stringfellow, Saint Francis 19th December 2010

I want to thank you for all the referrals you and the other trainers have sent to MadDog Delivers. We appreciate your continued support as well as sharing the common goal of pet optimum health, which as we know aids in behavior. We recommend the Bark Busters program to our clients and at our events, we are proud to support a training program we consider to be effective, with excellent trainers that also have great customer service.
Julie Klouda, MadDog Delivers, Minneapolis 1st September 2010

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