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As a Bark Busters Master Behavioral Therapist and Trainer in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas, I will work with you to solve the dog behavioral issues you are having with your pet. I work with any dog, any age, any issue-even yours! In fact, since 2006, I have trained over 1500 dogs and their dog owners personally throughout Minneapolis and St.Paul and the northern metro area. The Minneapolis and St. Paul area Bark Buster trainers have trained over 5,000 dogs metrowide, including many puppy training sessions with barking, potty training and separation anxiety issues. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in changing your dog's behavior and to help you achieve peace and harmony in your home.

If you are reading this, then you are probably frustrated with your dog's behavior and you are trying to determine the best way to train your Minneapolis or St. Paul dog. Sure, there are dog training classes, but wouldn't you be better off with dog training in your own environment, where the dog is most comfortable? Or maybe you have an adult dog or puppy that is new to the household and you want to get off to the best start in your lives together? This is where Minneapolis North Bark Busters can help.

What Our Natural Dog Training Methods Can Do For You
The bottom line is you want a well-behaved dog and the purpose of our dog training is to help you achieve this. Using dog-friendly training techniques, I am committed to helping all dog owners establish better relationships with their dogs based on love, trust and respect. I do not use shock collars or coercive techniques; instead, I use positive dog obedience techniques. My goal is to help you gain voice control of your dog by effective communication techniques. I can assist in the areas of:

  • Dog aggression
  • Dog barking
  • Dog chewing and mouthing
  • Basic dog obedience
  • Dog housebreaking and potty training
  • Dog obsessive/compulsive behaviors
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Separation Anxiety

As a professional dog trainer, I am passionate about what I do. My goal is to provide you with all the tools you'll need to become a dog trainer for your Minneapolis or St. Paul area dog. Dog training is not complicated and can be a lot of fun. I'll teach you all about the "pack", how our dog friends communicate with each other, and of course, teach you how to communicate with them in terms they will understand and respect.

I can train every type of dog from small dog training to large dog training including Boxer dog training, rescue dog training, Labrador training, and Pit Bull training.

I also can help you with newly adopted dogs --transitioning to their new home, anxiety issues, basic obedience and household manners.

A Great Start For Puppies
Help your puppy get started on the right paw! I can help guide your puppy in the right direction, avoiding many problems that may otherwise develop. All dogs mature at different rates, and Bark Busters puppy training is customized to teach your dog as he develops.

Fast Results, Guaranteed Lifetime Support
I will teach you to see the way your dog sees the world and how and what your dog is communicating to you. Because you will be using dog training methods you dog understands, in as little as 2 - 3 hours, you will see your dog respond to you in ways he/she never has before. This natural approach requires the desire and a 20-minute/day commitment from you to establish a trusting relationship with your dog. I will teach, guide and support you every step of the way.

My humane dog training method will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to establish and maintain the happy relationship you are seeking for you and your dog.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, please take a few minutes to read some of my customer reviews over the years. Their words will describe what it feels like to work with me, what it is like for them using this natural approach, as well as the results they have attained and what you can expect for you and your Minneapolis dog.

Ask Your Veterinarian About the Best Minneapolis Dog Training Around!
No one is more familiar with the effectiveness of the local dog training alternatives than our own veterinarians, and over 170 veterinary clinics in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training Minneapolis and St. Paul. In fact, Bark Busters has trained many professionals at the veterinary facilities in the area; where they use our techniques to assist dogs that may be anxious when coming to the clinic for care. Not only that, they use our techniques at home with their own dogs!

How We Achieve Our Dog Obedience Results
Dogs use body language for 80% of their communication, so it's no wonder they view our strange human tendencies with confusion. We've all seen dogs that tilt their heads on one side and offer a blank expression in response to our commands. With Bark Busters Minneapolis and St. Paul, I eliminate that confusion by teaching you to "speak dog." Using vocal commands and your body language, I will teach you to be "the leader of the pack" and in control of your dog.

Professional Dog Trainers Get Active in the Community
I regularly speak to community groups, canine professionals, and rescue and shelter organizations on a variety of topics. These topics include: dog safety for children, choosing the right dog for your family, avoiding dog bites, and preparing your dog for the arrival of a baby and more. We also provide in-service workshops to veterinary clinics, groomers, kennels, and shelters.

Don't hesitate - your dog will thank you!

Call us today to learn more about how Bark Busters can help!

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Don't take my word for it! See what people in Minneapolis & St Paul say about Bark Busters in home dog training. Whatever the problem, I can help - any dog, any age.

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Andover, Arden Hills, Blaine, Circle Pines, Columbia Heights, Forest Lake, Fridley, Ham Lake, Hugo, Lino Lakes, Minneapolis, New Brighton, North Oaks, Roseville, St. Paul, Shoreview, Vadnais Heights, White Bear Lake, Wyoming.

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